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After Dinner

Cappuccino Bar
Specialty Coffees

Dessert Menu

Alt Wiener Apple Strudel  $15
served with whipped cream

Creme Caramel  $15
served with homemade caramel sauce and whipped cream

Mohr im Hemd  $16
warm chocolate hazelnut cake served with  chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Crepe “Helna’s Stube” (*GF)  $16 
two crepes filled with vanilla ice cream, topped wit  hazelnuts and chocolate sauce,
served with whipped cream

Grand Marnier Parfait  $18
homemade iced cream with Grand Marnier liqueur,  served with oranges and warm Lindt chocolate

Coupe “Denmark”(GF)   $15  
vanilla ice cream topped with melted Lindt chocolate  and whipped cream

Coupe “Waldbeeren” (GF)   $15   
vanilla ice cream with hot berries and whipped cream

Coupe “Black Forest” (GF)    $16   
vanilla and chocolate  ice cream  served with sauer cherries and whipped cream

Helna’s Eiscafe (GF)  $17   
vanilla ice cream with coffee,  dash of Bailey’s Irish Cream and whipped cream

ask your server for additional GF desserts        
Prices do not include tax

Cappuccino Bar

Espresso   $6
 rich in flavor, strong in taste

Cappuccino     $8
espresso coffee and frothed milk, dusted with chocolate

Café au Lait    $8
espresso coffee topped with steamed milk froth
and a sprinkle of cinnamon

Café Vienna   $9
cappuccino topped with whipped cream

Café Mocha   $10
espresso coffee with hot chocolate milk,
topped with whipping cream

All coffees are served with a homemade cookie

Ask about espresso or cappuccino with your favorite liqueur

Prices do not include tax

Specialty Coffees

Spanish Coffee    $ 15
Brandy, Kahlua, coffee and fresh whipping cream

Grizzly Bear Chocolate   $ 15
Brandy, Dark rum, hot chocolate and whipping cream

Irish Monk Coffee   $ 15
  Bailey’s Irish Cream, Frangelico, coffee and whipping cream      

Blueberry Tea   $16
Amaretto, Grand Marnier, black tea and orange wedge

Rüdesheimer Coffee   $17
Asbach Uralt Brandy with coffee and whipping cream

Helna’s House Coffee   $18
Grand Marnier, Kahlua, Hennessy,  coffee and whipping cream

All specialty coffees are served with 1oz of liqueurs

Prices do not include taxes

Brandy, Cognac & Port

D’Eaubonne V.S.O.P. Napoleon – 1oz    $12

Asbach Uralt – 1oz   $15

Hennessy V.S. – 1oz    $15

Courvoisier V.S.O.P  – 1oz    $19

Remy Martin V.S.O.P. – 1oz    $20

Brights 74 (6) – 2 oz   $10

Taylor – 10-Year-Old Tawny (10) – 2 oz   $19

prices do include taxes


Sljivovica – Old Plum Brandy – 1oz    $13

Jägermeister – Herbal – 1oz    $14

Kirsch Dry – 1 oz   $17

Prices do not include taxes


Baileys Irish Cream
Grand Marnier

Sambuca black