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Dinner Menu

Cold Appetizers

Buffalo Mozzarella & Tomatoes $17.50
marinated in balsamic vinegar and olive oil and served with roasted garlic

Beef Carpaccio $17.75
sliced AAA Alberta beef filet, drizzled with Dijon mayonnaise,
virgin olive oil and parmesan cheese

Salzburg Teller Garniert $18.75
Bündner Fleisch, Tyrolean bacon and smoked ham served with horseradish

Soups & Salads

French Onion Soup $11
onion soup baked with bread and Swiss cheese 

Baked Tomato Soup $11.50
tomato soup baked with a cream egg topping 

Garlic Cream Soup $13.50
lots of fresh garlic, cream and seasonings 

Austrian Goulash Soup $14
with beef, potatoes and paprika 

Fresh Baby Green Salad $12.50
served with our balsamic vinaigrette dressing 

Caesar Salad $13.50
crisp romaine lettuce, croutons, fresh parmesan cheese & our classic dressing 

Spinach Salad Roquefort $14
fresh spinach leaves, sliced mushrooms and our own Roquefort dressing

Helna’s Stube House Special $18.50
tossed greens, roasted potatoes, smoked ham, garlic croutons and cheese,
served with our balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Warm Appetizers

Escargots $14.75
six snails in an herb garlic butter 

Baked Brie $16.50
brie cheese with garlic and olive oil baked in filo pastry 

Crepes $17.50
filled with chicken and white mushrooms, served in a creamy herb sauce 

Sautéed Prawns $19
jumbo prawns in a spicy honeydew sauce 

Pasta Dishes

Spaghetti “Venezia“  (*VG)  $26
fresh tomato sauce, anchovies, bacon and olives, baked in parchment paper

Jäger Spätzle  (*VG)  $27
homemade pasta served with ham, bacon, onions and mushrooms in a creamy cheese sauce

Kärntner Kasnudeln  (VG)  $29
sorry, not available tonight
homemade ravioli filled with cream cheese and potatoes,
served with creamy spinach and brown butter

House Specialties

all house specialties, steaks and seafood dishes are served with today’s vegetables
(except Beef Roulade and Venison Cutlet)

Mushroom Schnitzel   (*GF)  $32.50
breaded pork loin in a white wine mushroom cream sauce, served with spätzle

Beef Roulade   (*GF)  $33.50
braised rolled beef stuffed with onions, carrots, bacon and pickles,
served with homemade spätzle and red cabbage

Veal Liver “Tyrol”  (GF)   $33
sautéed veal liver with bacon and onions, served with parsley potatoes

Lamb Shank  (GF)  $34
braised New Zealand lamb shank with garlic in a red wine sauce, served with roast potatoes

Classic Wiener Schnitzel  (*GF)  $35.50
breaded veal loin served with parsley potatoes, lemon wedge and cranberry sauce

Venison Cutlets (*GF)  $44.50
 deer medallions, red wine sauce,
topped with sautéed chanterelles and white mushrooms
served with homemade spätzle and red cabbage

Rack of Lamb (GF)  $44.50
12 oz New Zealand lamb served with roasted garlic and Swiss potatoes


Helna’s Pepper Steak (*GF)  $36
8 oz AAA top sirloin butt steak seasoned with crushed peppers in a Brandy sauce,
served with potato noodles

Steak & Prawns   (GF)  $40.50
8 oz AAA top sirloin butt steak topped with garlic jumbo prawns,
served with homemade potato chips

Seafood Dishes

Atlantic Sole Filet  (*GF)  $31
in a potato crust, served on a creamy white wine sauce with parsley potatoes
sorry, not available tonight 

Trout “Müllerin“   (*GF)  $32.50
pan-fried in a lemon parsley butter, served with rice

Gratinated Salmon and Prawns  (GF)  $37
jumbo prawns and slivers of salmon baked in a white wine cream sauce,
served with parsley potatoes

Vegetarian Dishes

Please ask your server about tonight’s additional choices

Taxes not included

Small portions available

Minimum charge
Adult:  $35.00
Youth:  $25.00
child: value of one kid’s meal

All groups of  6 or more are subject to an automatic 18% gratuity

Prices may change without notice

Codes:   GF – gluten free, *GF – can be made gluten free,
VG – vegetarian, *VG – can be made vegetarian