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Fresh Baby Green Salad (GF)  $13.50
served with our balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Caesar Salad  (*GF)  $15.00
romaine lettuces, homemade caesar dressing
parmesan cheese, croutons

Helna’s Stube House Salad (*GF)  $19
baby greens, prosciutto, swiss cheese, garlic croutons
balsamic vinaigrette dressing

French Onion Soup (*GF)  $12
beef based onion soup baked with bread and Swiss cheese 

Baked Tomato Soup (GF, VG)   $13
tomato soup baked with a cream egg topping

Creamy Garlic Soup (*GF, VG)  $15
cream, lots of fresh minced garlic, croutons

Escargots (*GF)  $15
six snails in a herb garlic butter, dinner roll

Baked Brie $17.50
brie cheese, minced garlic, filo pastry

Buffalo Mozzarella & Tomatoes (GF)  $18
marinated in balsamic vinegar and olive oil, roasted garlic

Chicken Crepes (*GF)  $19
chicken, creamy dill sauce

Sautéed Prawns (GF)  $19
spicy honeydew sauce

Vegetarian and Pasta Dishes

Jäger Spätzle (*VG)   $29
homemade pasta, ham, bacon, onions, mushrooms, creamy cheese sauce

Steamed Vegetable Plate (VG)   $30
assorted seasonal vegetables
parsley potatoes

Kärntner Kasnudel (VG)  $32
sorry, not available tonight

homemade ravioli filled
cream cheese, potatoes, parsley, garlic filling

House Specialties 

Mushroom Schnitzel (*GF)   $36
breaded pork loin, white wine mushroom cream sauce,
homemade spätzle, vegetables

Lamb Shank  (GF)  $37.50
braised New Zealand lamb shank with garlic, red wine sauce
roast potatoes, vegetables

Veal Liver “Tyrol” (*GF)   $37.50
sauteed veal liver, bacon, onions,
red wine sauce, parsley potatoes

Beef Roulade   (*GF)  $38
braised rolled beef stuffed with onions, carrots, bacon and pickles,
served with homemade spätzle and red cabbage

Classic Wiener Schnitzel  (*GF)   $38.50
breaded veal loin, cranberry sauce, lemon wedge,
parsley potatoes, vegetables

Venison Cutlet   (*GF)  $48
deer medallions, sautéed mushrooms, red wine sauce
homemade spätzle, red cabbage

Rack of Lamb (GF)   $50
12 oz New Zealand lamb, chef’s special coating, roasted garlic,
red wine sauce, swiss potatoes, mixed vegetables

Seafood and Steaks 

Atlantic Sole Filet  (*GF)  $36
in a potato crust, creamy white wine sauce,
parsley potatoes, mixed vegetables

Trout Müllerin  (*GF)  $36
pan fried rainbow trout, lemon white wine sauce
white rice, mixed vegetables

Salmon & Prawns  (GF)   $39
jumbo prawns, slivers of salmon, white wine lemon cream sauce,
parsley potatoes, mixed vegetables

Helna’s Pepper Steak (*GF)  $40
8oz AAA top sirloin steak seasoned, crushed peppers, Brandy sauce,
potato noodles,  mixed vegetables

Steak & Prawns  (*GF)  $46
8oz AAA top sirloin steak, 2 jumbo prawns
garlic, lemon white wine sauce
homemade potato chips, mixed vegetables

Taxes not included

Small portions available

Minimum charge
Adult:  $35.00
Youth:  $25.00
child: value of one kid’s meal

All groups of  6 or more are subject to an automatic 20% gratuity

Codes:   GF – gluten free, *GF – can be made gluten free,
VG – vegetarian, *VG – can be made vegetarian