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Group Booking Protocol

Reservations for groups of 6+

We are happy to continue accepting group reservations but due to failure to see group reservations as a meaningful commitment in recent times, we see ourselves forced to take additional pre-cautions to protect our staff and establishment. We appreciate your understanding and co-operation in that matter

Credit card number is required to secure reservation.
We guarantee to keep this information secure. No pre-charge will occur.
Charges will take place for the following the day of your reservation:

  *$35.00 per person in case of failure to cancel reservation 12 hours prior to arrival
  *$35.00 per person if headcount decreases without notification 6 hours prior to arrival

Cleaning fee of $25 to $100 for families with small children may apply
for any additional non-routine cleaning like
excessive food spillage on carpet, greasy hand prints on windows and walls, etc,  which result in delays for following reservations as well as non-removal stains on table clothes and cloth napkins. 

Pleased to offer separate/individual bills. Payment option will be cash only.

Accumulating minimum spending charge per person
18 years and older  $35.00
11 – 17 years   $25.00
10 – 2   value of one kid’s meal
20% (pre-tax) auto gratuity